One API to 500 Million Potential Customers

Pan-European API Interoperability

Removing Complexity. Powering your growth.

One API. Total Market Reach.

PelicanPay enables Third Party Providers (TPPs) to connect seamlessly and easily to any ASPSP across Europe, for both Payment Initiation and Account Information services, without the need to support the myriad of different national or institutional API formats or standards.

PelicanPay’s fully interoperable API aggregation platform removes that complexity, enabling you to focus on your service and your customers.

Extending your market reach

Single API for Pan-European Connectivity
With PelicanPay's OpenBanking Hub, Third Party Providers are able to reach more direct customers and ASPSPs - without the technical complexity of supporting national or bank-specific API standards.

Operating and support costs are lowered, while direct relationships with banks and customers are maintained - with the PelicanPay Platform handling all API conversions and bank connectivity discreetly in the background.

Using the PelicanPay pan-European interoperable API, TPPs can focus on service innovation and their customers.


TPP Platform Features
  • Use your TPP authorisations and certifications with FCA and other regulatory bodies, with PelicanPay in the background seamlessly undertaking all API conversions and aggregation
  • Lower your operating and support costs and increase efficiencies, by outsourcing the management of API standards to PelicanPay
  • Handles interoperable API connectivity for you, supporting multiple pan-European standards and formats
  • Allows you to focus on your applications and customers - leaving the technical complexity to PelicanPay